MoneyTT employs qualified and experienced financial service professionals to carry out our operations internationally.

MoneyTT is your best choice

In China, MoneyTT is fully approved by China Banking Regulatory Commission and registered with State Administration of Foreign Exchange to work with banks in China and to provide payment services to customers.

Foreign bill payments


Exchange Rates

CurrencyBuy - Bank TransferSell - Bank Transfer
CNY - Yuan Renminbi9.37319.3077
HKD - Hong Kong Dollar11.151411.1365
Euro 1.31241.3108
USD - US Dollar1.43011.4285
CAD - Canadian Dollar2.07432.0714
CHF - Swiss Franc1.43651.4349
JPY - Japanese Yen167.866167.657
AUD - Australia Dollar2.07732.0751
AED - United Arab Emirates Dirham5.25575.2456
IDR - Indonesian Rupiah
PHP - Philippines Peso
SGD - Singapore Dollar
MYR - Malaysian Ringgit
KRW - South Korea Won
THB - Thailand Baht
VND - Viet Nam Dong
BMD - Bermuda Dollar
BND - Brunei Darussalam Dollar
INR - Indian Rupee
PKR - Pakistan Rupee
NPR - Nepal Rupee
BDT - Bangladesh Taka
NZD - New Zealand Dollar
DKK - Denmark Krone
RUB - Russia Ruble
UAH - Ukraine Hryvnia
CZK - Czech Republic Koruna
HUF - Hungary Forint
HRK - Croatia Kuna
PLN - Poland Zloty
RON - Romania New Leu
NOK - Norway Krone
LVL - Latvian lats
LTL -Lithuanian litas
SEK - Sweden Krona
BHD - Bahrain Dinar
ILS -Israel Shekel
ZAR - South Africa Rand
TRY - Turkey Lira
TND - Tunisia Dinar
MXN - Mexico Peso
BRL - Brazil Real
BOB - Bolivia Boliviano
CLP - Chile Peso

MoneyTT provides the best rates to our clients to the live market rates.

Money Transfer

  • Private Customers

    Using MoneyTT individual customers can send money home to friends or family in over 130 countries. Our exchange rates are competitive, there is rapid pay out in the receiving country and we can send directly to the beneficiaries bank account in several countries.

  • Corporate customers

    MoneyTT also makes overseas invoice payments on behalf of UK businesses. Our client base includes importers, wholesalers and manufacturers and we can make payment in a range of currencies.

  • Foreign Exchange

    MoneyTT offers a foreign currency exchange service to its customers. If you are needing to buy foreign currency for your holiday or have foreign currency leftover on your return then I-Pay Worldwide can help.

  • Royal Mint Commemorative Coins

    MoneyTT has a range of genuine Royal Mint Coins available for purchase. These commemorative coin sets that celebrate great events such as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the 2012 Olympic Games are perfect as gifts or as collectors’ items.